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Personal Contact Programme share government information with villagers

Press Release: Public Relations Unit and Media Services I Tutong District Information Branch / Photo: Muhammad Asri Haji Awang Abas

TUTONG, Saturday, November 3. – Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office through the Tutong District Information Branch held the Program Sua Muka or Personal Contact Programme at Kampung Birau Community Centre, Mukim Kiudang.

The delegation headed by Acting Director of Information, Awang Mawardi bin Haji Mohammad was accompanied by several officers and staff of the headquarters of the Department of Information and Tutong District Information Branch.

Also present were Penghulu of Mukim Kiudang, Awang Haji Abdul Rahim bin Abdullah Yakin, as Acting Head of Kampung Batang Mitus and Acting Head of Kampung Kebia; Members of Kampung Batang Mitus Village Consultative Council; Members of Kampung Kebia Village Consultative Council; residents of Kampung Batang Mitus and Kampung Kebia.

The programme among them aims to disseminate official information on government policies and intentions so that all members of the community understand, support and adopt them effectively, besides as a platform to obtain issues and opinions, suggestions that need to be taken into account as and actions by the relevant parties in the government, as well as to disseminate and promote the development and progress of the mukim and kampung, especially the places and their products to be introduced to the public, within and outside the country through the article writing 'Kenali Negara Kitani' or KNK which published in Pelita Brunei.

During the programme, the Department of Information also shared on how to deal with on false news or information which could affect peace, causing confusion and fear to the public. Most of the information transmitted is via media platforms.

Statistics from 'Authority for Info-Communication Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AiTi)' indicate that the highest usage of three media applications in the country is via 'Whatsapp' 97.3 percent; 'Facebook' 91.7 percent and 'Instagram' 87.4 percent.

National interests materials such as the national flag was disseminated where residents and citizens in this country are advised to hoist the national flag during national events in the right procedure and make sure the flag colour does not fade and symbol of the Monarch's sovereignty must be respected.

The department also introduced and disseminated the Department of Information mobile app 'InfoDeptBN' and explained the procedure for downloading the app through Google Playstore for Android and App Store for iOS users.

Also given attentive is the cleanliness, in line with His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam titah's in conjunction with the Official Opening Ceremony of the Legislative Council on March 5, 2018 which emphasised on hygiene issues, especially the cleaning of Brunei from garbage and dirt.

While the use of plastic bags is one of the environmental issues faced by this country in the management of solid waste, is also highlighted.

According to a study conducted by the Department of Environment, Park and Recreation in 2005, the amount of solid waste in the country reached about 189,000 tonnes per year. Of these, 16 percent are made of plastic waste and mostly plastic bags.

The 'No Plastic Bags' initiative was expanded in order to achieve the government's desire for no plastic bag usage by January 1, 2019.

The role and integrity of the villagers to care for the cleanliness of the village environment is also a priority.

Awang Haji Abdul Rahim bin Abdullah Yakin who is also the Acting Head of Kampung Batang Mitus and Acting Head of Kampung Kebia was appointed as Penghulu Mukim Kiudang on April 4, 2011.

Kampung Batang Mitus / Kebia have a population of 1,102 people. Among the facilities available in the village including schools, community hall, electricity supply, clean water supply, telephone line and roads.

Products produced include weaving, carpentry and farming.

Among the issues raised were public facilities and infrastructures, awareness on cleanliness, social activity involvement and public affairs and welfare.

The main issue is related to improving the effectiveness and knowledge of farming. At the same time, the villagers are hoping to participate in the Information Society Program which is provided by the Department of Information, which are the activities in it such as visits to the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood to increase knowledge in agriculture as well as the effective way of cultivating plantations.

The villagers are cultivated through 40 acres of farms provided by the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood to the villagers, some of which have been produced. Meanwhile, the villagers expect the parties to return the land they have been working on and produce the results so that they can continue to be developed.

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