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PMP close connection of government - people


PMP close connection of  government - people

Press Release: Department of Information / Photo: Ampuan Haji Mahmud Ampuan Haji Tengah

Original Text in Malay / Translated by: Hajah Musmariani binti Haji Mohamed


SENGKURONG, Thursday, 22 November. - The Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office held a Muzakarah Penerangan Programme (PMP)  for Mukim Sengkurong at the Mukim Sengkurong Community Hall.


Deputy Director of Information, Dayang Hajah Noorashidah binti Haji Aliomar, chaired of PMP in her speech said that PMP was not a new programme in the department's effort to reach out to the community.


"It was formerly known as 'Majlis Muhibah Penerangan' and was one of the Department of Information annual activities planned to be held in the entire district continuously in all four districts. The programme was revived in 2015 when it was raised by Yang Berhormat Member of The Legislative State Council," she explained.


She highlighted that the programme is expected to continue close bilateral ties between the government and the people.


Dayang Hajah Noorashidah also recalled His Majesty Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam titah (royal speech) during the Golden Jubilee Celebration on 5 October, 2017 on the relationship between the sovereign and the people and no separation wall between them.


"The obligation of the people are to obey the sovereign, the sovereign is obliged to know the people's up and down, while the people are required to be sympathetic to the sovereign, this is the duty of reciprocity for the well-being of all," she said.


She added that His Majesty is our sovereign and served as Prime Minister. Caring for his people is His Majesty main agenda and that is why government agencies as a machinery for the nation administration will ensure that any issues of public concern will be best dealt accordingly.


The programme was attended by Penghulu and Village Heads of the Mukim, Senior Officers, officers and staff from various government agencies, Mukim and Village Consultative Council Members and members of mosque Takmir and Muslimah, as well as villagers of the mukim.


Among the objectives of the programme is to provide the residents with the opportunity to address issues of concern for the consideration of government agencies and at the same time providing rooms for government agencies to deliver explanations to the residents of the mukim on issues raised .


Apart from that, the programme is also aimed to enhance the established close relationship between the government generally and the Department of Information particularly with the residents of the mukim. With the existence of the government encountering with the public, its showing the thought and concern of government in ensuring the people and residents lived in peace and prosperity thus lifting credibility in the eyes of the people and residents.






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