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Agriculture, Agrifood increase GDP growth



By: Hajah Siti Zuraihah Haji Awang Sulaiman \ Photo: Mohd. Sahrizal Haji Said
Translated by: Hjh Musmariani Hj Mohammad / Cleared by: Saadiatul Nur Aqilah Hj Jaman
BERAKAS, Tuesday, August 27. - The Agriculture and Agrifood Industry is one of the major sectors contributing to the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), exports and Economic Diversity.

Through the strategic plan, the output of the agricultural industry is expected to grow rapidly as a result of major contributors from the livestock and crop sectors. The agricultural processing sector is also expected to grow through the contribution of livestock and crop sectors.
The Agriculture Officer at the Crop Industry  Division, Muhammad Faa'id bin Haji Mohammad, also the Head of Harvest Unit, explained that to continue to develop the agricultural sector, especially the livestock and crop industries, the efforts of the  Department of Agriculture and Agrifood include encouraging foreign direct investment (FDI) participation and increasing export market access.
"The country's vegetable industry in 2018 contributed BND30.11 million, which also dominates 47 percent in the crop industry (76.1 percent tropical vegetables) and seven percent in the agriculture and agrifood sectors," he added while delivering a briefing on the Crop Industry and Entrepreneurship in Brunei Darussalam to participants in the Informed Community Programme for Kampung Sengkarai, Kampung Penabai and Kuala Tutong organised by the Department of  Information through its Tutong District Branch held at the Auditorium, Department of Information.
The Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, he said, is also aiming for a 40 per cent increase annually in the vegetable industry based on increasing vertical farming and so on.

Meanwhile, the fruit industry's status in 2018 contributed BND21.90 million, which dominates 34 percent to the crop industry and five percent to the agriculture and agrifood sectors.
Fruits intended for cultivation include Durian, Cempedak, Tarap, Rambutan and Langsat which are for seasonal and non-seasonal crops such as Melon, Banana, Watermelon, Pineapple, Coconut, Dragon Fruit and Passion Fruit.

In his briefing, he also described the process of starting a business in the crop industry where the first need was to have a strong desire and interest in agriculture, have experience / knowledge, land / sites, capital, followed by business plan, project implementation, farm operation and subsequently profitable marketing and business while maintaining operations and increasing production capacity in gradually.
Meanwhile, in a briefing by Senior Animal Assistant,  Livestock Industry Division, Awang Hasdattulamin bin Haji Md Tahir on the Livestock Industry and Entrepreneurship in Brunei Darussalam, he mentioned the livestock industry, including how to preserve and manage livestock as well as processing food from livestock such as processed and canned  food  such as 'nuggets' and sausages; and export opportunities.
Requirements and technology in the field of livestock preservation were also shared with the participants.

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