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Participants of the Informed Community Programme review the progress of various companies



By: Hajah Siti Zuraihah Hajj Awang Sulaiman \ Photo: Mohd. Sahrizal Haji Said
Translated by: Hjh Musmariani Hj Mohammad / Cleared by: Saadiatul Nur Aqilah Hj Jaman
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Thursday, September 5 The Department of Information, the Prime Minister's Office continues  its efforts  to expose to the public, especially at the grassroots level in disseminating the development and efforts of the government and to jointly build the country to achieve the Brunei Vision 2035.
In this regard, the participants of the Informed Community Programme comprised of 23 villagers of Kampung Rataie, Mukim Bokok made a visit to RZ Prisma Enterprise and Royal Brunei Catering (RBC) Sendirian Berhad to learn more about the businesses operated by the company.
The visit began at RZ Prisma Enterprise located in the Kilanas Agricultural Development Area, Agricultural Research Centre, Brunei.
RZ Prisma Enterprise Farm, which is a local subsidiary owned by Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Rahman bin Pengiran Seri Indera Pengiran Haji Ismail as General Manager, grows and cultivates vegetables using the Green House system, Hydroponic and Vertical Farming System on five acres of land.
The farm began operations in late 2017 and will start producing crops in 2018 from January to May.
During the visit, Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Rahman presented a briefing on the role and types of yields as well as shared his experience in cultivating the farm, as well as explaining how to fertilise, cultivate and so on.
Currently, RZ Prisma Enterprise is also farming asparagus that will take about eight months to harvest and is expected to be exported for overseas markets someday.
The participants also had the opportunity to take a closer look at the Green House, which houses various types of cabbage crops including 'Green Oak', 'Red Coral', 'Frillice Iceberg', 'Butterhead' and 'Cos Romaine'.
The vegetables produced by the company are being sold in 10 supermarkets in the country including Supa Save, Hua Ho, Leong Wei and Soon Lee.
The participants of the Informed Community Programme went to the Dynasty Restaurant and Season Restaurant owned by Royal Brunei Catering in Centrepoint, Gadong.
Royal Brunei Catering is one of the country's leading catering and food service companies since 1975.
A briefing on the background of Royal Brunei Catering was delivered by Acting Assistant Manager of Marketing and Customer Services, Dk Hajah Maria Fadhilllah binti Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahman.
During the visit, participants had the opportunity to see how the Chinese food, 'Dim Sum', was prepared by local chefs at the Dynasty Restaurant and to visited the cooking section of Seasons Restaurant.
With a mission to provide quality culinary services and products in the country, Royal Brunei Catering offers a wide variety of cuisines at its four major restaurants, namely Anjung Saujuna, Horizons, Seasons and Dynasty Restaurant including Express Fast Food and Cafes in government buildings.
Royal Brunei Catering was previously a subsidiary of the Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) and currently operates as a 'Government Linked Company' under the governance of Darussalam Assets.
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