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Name ​Position ​Email ​Contact No.
​Dy. Hajah Rabi'atul'adawiyah binti Haji A. Ahmad Administrative Officer - Head of Division ​2383400 Ext 106/108


Administration Unit


  • Responsible for processing leave applications, daily paid service extensions, staff requests to own land, post confirmations, approvals for carrying out and acting duties etc, staff development, discipline and performance appraisal.
  • Updating officers and staff details into Government Employee Management Sistem (GEMS).
  • Processing staff recommendations for medals
  • Processing staff requests for employment through PSC Recruitment (SPA online).
  • Preparing notices and circulars related to administration to circulate to all officers and staff of the department. ​






​Contact No.

Hj. Kamaran bin Hj. Bungsu

Office Supervisor









2383400 Ext 209/331

​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Dy. Hajah Mariam binti Hj. Abd. Rahman


Dy. Ruziah binti Hj. Zakaria

Dy. Aisah binti Haji Tengah Receptionist 'Open Vote'​
Dayangku Hajah Siti Mewartee binti Pg. Hj. Kahar Receptionist​
Dy. Mariana binti Jais ​Receptionist​
Dy. Sadiah binti Hj Kahar ​Receptionist​
​Dy. Hajah Norainah binti Ibrahim ​Telephone Operator​
​Dy. Asnah binti Hj. Diwa ​Telephone Operator​
​Dy. Norhasnah binti Hj. Ahaim ​Telephone Operator​
​Dy. Dede Sutini binti Mazziz/Hassan ​Office Assistant
Dy. Norsiah binti Hj. UmarLibrary Assistant Grade
Dy. Hajah Umi Kalthum binti Hj. Ali Hussein​Library Assistant Grade
​​​Awg. Suhaili @Saipol Bahri bin Hj Mat ZinOffice
Awg. Haji Mohd Sahrin bin Hj. Dosaman​

Finance Unit


  • To implement the overall management of financial affairs through the payment of salaries, allowances and claims and process of payments within Information Department


Name Position Email Contact No.
Awang Arzi bin Haji Durhman Assistant Financial Officer Grade 1

        2383400 Ext 216/330  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Awang  Aliahmad bin Achee Office Supervisor
Awg. Haji Narip bin Haji Bostan Clerk
Awg. Haji Salleh bin Haji Ibrahim Clerk
Awg. Ya'akop bin Haji Mat Yasin Clerk
Dy. Norhanim binti Hj Tundak Clerk