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Appreciate and respect the national anthem

KUALA BELAIT, Saturday, March 11 – Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office (PMO) through the Belait District Information Branch held a briefing ‘Appreciating the Flag and the National Anthem of Brunei Darussalam’ held at the Chung Ching School, Seria.

A total of 50 students from the school’s Year 7 had the opportunity to hear briefings by the Acting Head of Belait District Information Branch, Awang Hasanul Hidayat Bin Hj Abu Bakar, who among others touched on hoisting and raising the national flag and the history of the National Anthem of Brunei Darussalam ‘Allah Peliharakan Sultan’

Meantime, Pelita Brunei in the interviewed with Kah Jin Ya, subject teacher of Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB), explained, that such briefing and approach conducted by the Department of Information is very good and such efforts should be continued to a better understanding and awareness of the importance of hoisting the national flag. This can be adapted not only to the school community also should be appreciated by all walks of life in the country in general.

Pelita Brunei also had the opportunity to interview some of the students who attended the briefing, Chung Yuen Sung feel honoured to have the opportunity to hear about the history of the creation of the national flag and well received the knowledge from the conducted briefing. 

Meanwhile, Dayang Nur Khairunnisa Bazilah said that from the knowledge she gained today, she will share them to her parents and other friends especially regarding the rules and procedures to maintain and raising the national flag.

These program is one of the department's continuous efforts to inculcate the spirit of patriotism among students and to respect and the national anthem and the national flag.

The briefing was also infused with the delivery of video presentation on the national flag, ‘Kibarkanlah Dengan Megah Bendera Negara’ and the animated video ‘Tatacara Mengibarkan Bendera’ and have the opportunity to participate the Nationhood Quiz conducted by the Field Information Officer, Awang Rafaee bin Yaakub.

News and Photos: Noraisah Muhammed

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