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History of Information Department's Buildings

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1 April 1952

Department of Information was established and initially known as Brunei Information Services.

1954The Information Branch in the Belait District and the Information Reading Room were established.
1956Pelita Brunei, the first official government newspaper published in the form of cyclostyle.
1 January 1956/1958

The first Information Officer appointed, Pengiran Mohd Yusof bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahim known as Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran (Dr.) Haji Mohd Yusof bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahim).

The Information Reading Room was set up in Bangar Town, Temburong District and Tutong District the following year.

With the establishment of the Brunei Radio Service in 1957, the Information Services provided subsidies for the purchase of radios with monthly installments over a year. In 1958, the Information Service sold 1,048 sets of radio throughout the state.

15 February 1959After going through some changes and for the first time, Pelita Brunei newspaper was printed using a machine.
March 1960The monthly English edition of "Brunei (The Abode of Peace)" was published which contains events throughout the month. It was printed 500 copies and distributed overseas.
1 January 1961Brunei Information Service and Radio Brunei Service was combined and renamed as the Department of Broadcasting and Information.
1 June 1975The Department of Broadcasting and Information was separated to two departments. Information became the Information Department and it was under the authority of the Government Secretary's Office.
1981Located at Jalan Mc. Arthur.
1983Information Department was upgraded and renamed as the Department of Information.
1 January 1984The Department of Information was under the authority of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
1 December 1985The Department of Information and Radio Television Brunei was combined and known as the Department of Broadcasting and Information, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
October 1985'Brunei Darussalam Newsletter' - an English publication was introduced.
20 October 1986The Information Department and Radio Television Brunei was under the Prime Minister’s Office.
1 March 1991The Department of Information and Radio Television Brunei was separated into two departments and Department of Information under the Prime Minister's Office.
1 April 2002The Department of Information celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Establishment of the Information Department, 1952-2002.
August 2005Senior Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Brunei Darussalam consented to undergo attachment at the Department of Information on August 27.
February 2006Pelita Brunei, the government's official newspaper celebrated its Golden Jubilee.
9 July 2008Pelita Brunei was published twice a week (every Wednesday and Saturday) while the online version, Pelita Brunei Online is available and updated daily and can be accessed through
18 July 2010Pelita Brunei was published three times a week by introducing the Monday edition in addition to the Wednesday and Saturday’s edition.
21 March 2012The Department of Information received a site for its new complex.
1 April 2012Department of Information celebrated its 60 years of establishment, 1952-2012.
2014The Department of Information additional building began its operation.
8 August 2016The Department of Information introduced the Pelita Brunei E-paper which can be downloaded using a smartphone or tablet through the website
9 May 2017The Department of Information launched the 'InfoDeptBN' Mobile Application
14 January 2019The Penerangan Reference Center was officiated by Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Abdul Mokti bin Haji Mohd. Daud.