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Challenges inculcate the personality of teenagers
News & Photo : Dk. Vivy Malessa Pg. Ibrahim
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Saturday, 4 Mac. - The Nationhood Unit of the Nationhood and Community Division at the Department of Information held Information Youth Partnership Program ‘Program Rakan Remaja Penerangan’ at Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri Hall (STPRI).

Present as the guest of honor at the event was the Acting Senior Special Duties Officer (Corporate), Ministry of Education, Awang Haji Mohammad Sharifuddin bin Haji Mohd Salleh.
Also present were the Principal of STPRI, Dayang Hajah Susilawati binti Dato Paduka Haji Mohammad; the Acting Senior Information Officer, Dayang Hajah Haji Rabi'atul Adawiyah binti A.Ahmad; teachers and staff and students of STPRI.
The program began with singing of the national anthem ‘Allah Peliharakan Sultan’ and patriotic song `Kibarkan Bendera’. Followed by the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa Selamat followed by welcoming speech by Principal of STPRI.
In her welcoming speech, Principle of STPRI among others explains that the challenges inculcate the personality of teenagers very challenged with the negative influences through the technology available at this time.  She added that several steps need to be taken by various parties, both from the government and the private sector to jointly form a young generation with high personal qualities.

Program continued with briefing titled 'Menghayati Bendera dan Lagu Kebangsaan Negara Brunei Darussalam' delivered by Assistant Information Officer, Pengiran Haji Zahari bin Pengiran Adi.  
The students also have the chance to watch video presentation on hoisting and raising the national flag titled 'Kibarkan Bendera Negara dengan Megah', 'Kibarkanlah Bendera Negara Kitani' and animation video 'Tatacara Mengibarkan Bendera' published by the Department of Information.

The program is also graced with drama performed by the students titled ‘Anak Derhaka’ and school video clips with the title 'Nilai dan Erti Kemerdekaan’. Students who attended were entertained with jokes and quizzes delivered by invited comedians.
The aim of the program is to reach out to young people in schools so that they are sensitive to the current situation; instill patriotism and social responsibility among the youth and make students as agents in spreading a positive and effective information to their peers.
The program also aims to provide civic and patriotic spirit, especially to the youth towards the formation of the positive mind and moral and at the same time, it is to reach out to the youth and teenagers in schools through directed and guided art entertainment.
During Pelita Brunei interviewed, Dayang binti Mohd Nur Qamelya Raffee, students in Year II S1, as student Prefect she believes that the national flag is very important for a country because it symbolizes the sovereignty of a country.  Clearly, we should honor our flag as it is a symbol of the country.
Translation by: Hajah Apsah Haji Sahdan

Created at 18/03/2017 12:00 by Mohammad Armie Hj Untong
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