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Platform participants were able to complete the competitive

By : Wan Mohamad Sahran Wan Ahmadi  / Photo : Dk. Nur Hafilah Pg. Osman

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Sunday, 14 May - The Civic Village Programme as a platform to equip participants to be competitive, able to face all challenges and is also able to seize the opportunity offered by the government.

Participants of the programme are the succeeding generation of the government administrative mechanism to realise the Brunei Vision 2035.

Acting Director of the Department of Information, Awang Mawardi bin Haji Mohammad stressed the importance for each participant to strengthen their Bruneian identity and to infuse their spirit nation hood  base on the Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy.

"As a graduates who has the intelligence and attitude or mindset and mentality 'that want to move forward, then you are amongst the fortunate to be able to enrich yourselves with knowledge and experience.

"Then grab the opportunities and gain the knowledge as much as possible through the programme. Knowledge is not static. Knowledgeable citizens will leads in any field such as in the development and the economic race," he said at the launching The Civic Village Programme for the Brunei Darussalam Postgraduate held at Department of Information.

A total of 45 participants attended the Programme, comprising of 21 male and 24 female graduates of overseas institutions United Kingdom, Australia, Egypt, Malaysia and local such as Universiti Brunei Darussalam which ended on 19 May.

Participants camped for six days and five nights at the Sungai Kebun Sports Complex Hall, and have the opportunity to participate in various forms of activities including briefing sessions and dialogue sessions, brainstorming sessions in groups, teamwork activities, sports and recreation, religious activities and excursions.

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