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Face-to-face communication enhances government-citizen relations


Press Release: Department of Information / Photo: Hernie Suliana Haji Othman


TUTONG, SABTU, September 1. - In an effort to keep contact with the citizen of the country in the sosial affairs, Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office through the Information Branch of Tutong District continue the Personal Contact Programme to Kampung Long Mayan held at Balai Raya Kampung Long Mayan, Ukong.


The delegation led by Deputy Director of Information, Dayang Hajah Noorashidah binti Haji Aliomar and was accompanied by several officers and staff from the Information Branch of Tutong District.


The department's delegation was welcomed by the Village Head of Long Mayan, Awang Muhammad Eddy Sufian bin Abdullah, as well as members of the Village Consultative Council (MPK).


The Personal Contect Programme is one of the programme under the Department of Information's work strategy, namely Face to Face Communication, which is aimed at enhancing bilateral ties between the government and society.


It is a platform to obtain issues and opinions, suggestions that need to be taken into account and actions by the relevant parties in the government, as well as to disseminate and promote the development and progress of the mukim and kampung, especially the places and their products to be introduced to the public within and outside the country through the writing of article 'Kenali Negara Kitani' or KNK which published in PELITA BRUNEI.

Awang Muhammad Eddy Sufian bin Abdullah was appointed head of the village since 27 April 2004 who also manages Kampung Long Tadion. With the total population of 272, the majority are the Dusun Tribe. This village produces its own product that is Umbut Luba.


Among those shared by the MPK are issues, relating to public facilities and infrastructure; cleanliness and landfills; upgrading of road facilities and long grass; transportation of children to religious school as well as the delayed construction of aid house.


On this programme the department also touched on the procedure of hoisting and lowering the national flag, as well as to introduce free mobile application 'InfoDeptBN' and explain the procedures for downloading the app through Google Playstore for Android users and App Store for iOS users.


Also shared how to deal with the spread of false news or information which could affect peace, causing confusion and fear to the public and the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRE) initiatives on the use of recycling bags in supermarkets and shopping complex across the country.


In this programme, the RTB also share the ways of installing digital TV equipment and ensure the broadcast is clearly received and high quality.


The Personal Contact Programme is still relevant as it is more personal and interactions that are expected to establish a good relationship between the government and society.

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