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Personal Contact Programme are platform for promoting the progress of districts and villages

Press Release: Department of Information / Photo: Hamzah Mohidin

TUTONG, Tuesday, September 4 - The Personal Contact Programme organised by the Information Branch of Tutong District continued today at the residence of Ukong Head of Village, Awang Haji Muhd Nendaroh bin Datu Kornia Diraja Gadong.

The programme is one of the ongoing activities of the Department of  Information through the Information Department Tutong District Branch to stay close to the villagers in this country.

The head of the Information Department is the Acting Director of Information, Awang Mawardi bin Haji Mohammad who is accompanied by several officers and staff from Information Department Tutong District Branch and Information Department Headquarters.

The Personal Contact Programme is one of the programmes under the department's work strategy of Face-to-face Communication, which is aimed at enhancing bilateral ties between the government and the people. It is also a platform to listen to issues, opinions and suggestions that need to be addressed and action by the relevant parties in the government.

At the same time, the programme has become a platform to dissimenate and promote the development of the mukim and kampung, especially the places and products to be introduced to the public, both inside and outside the country through the writing of the 'Kenali Negara Kitani' (KNN) plan to be broadcast on Pelita Brunei.

Kampung Ukong was first administered by Awang Haji Muhd. Nendaroh bin Datu Kornia Diraja Gadong from 2 December 1996 until now includes Kampung Pangkalan Dong, Kampung Pangkalan Ran, Kampung Pak Bidang / Rumpau and Kampung Sungai Damit Pemadang.

With a total area of 26 square kilometers, the resident of Kampung Ukong is now 1,292.

Among the products produced by the residents of Kampung Ukong are sago where the ambulong process is a place frequented by tourists from outside and within the country.

In this programme, several issues were also shared by the Village Consultative Council namely on public facilities and infrastructure; upgrading roads, building mosques and community halls and inviting new sites to plant rumbia trees and sites for processing ambulong.

The department also shared the guidelines and the correct procedures for hoisting national flag and banner.

In addition, the department also introduces mobile apps 'InfoDeptBN' and further describes the procedure for downloading the 'InfoDeptBN' app. Through these mobile apps, users can get the latest information and news such as Pelita Brunei.

Also shared with the villagers is how to deal with the spread of false news or information that can affect peace, causing confusion and fear to the public.

According to the AITI survey, the number of current social media users like WhatsApp is 97.3 per cent, Facebook 91.7 per cent and Instagram 87.4 per cent.

The Brunei Radio Television Department (RTB) also participated in the programme for the transition of Analog to Digital and subsequently demonstrated the correct way for the installation of Digital TV Broadcasts to enjoy high quality and clear TV Broadcasting services.

Indeed, the programme that is aimed at reaching out to the public in a face-to-face is still relevant in this sophisticated era as it is more personal and more effective interaction and can provide good goodwill between civil servants and the community.


Created at 10/09/2018 08:47 by Mohammad Armie Hj Untong
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