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Learn the role of ASEAN


Press Release: Department of Information / Photo: Ampuan Haji Mahmud Ampuan Haji Tengah

Translated by: Haji Mirazman bin Haji Othman/ Cleared by: Saadiatul Nur Aqilah Haji Jaman   

SALAMBIGAR, Saturday, April 27. - The Department of Information of the Prime Minister's Office through its International Affairs Unit, as the Secretariat for the Sub-Committee on Information (SCI) ASEAN-COCI held the Get To Know ASEAN Roadshow in Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School.


The roadshow held at Salambigar Hall of the school attended by teachers and 690 students.


Present as guest of honour was the Principal of Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School, Awang Mohd. Danny bin Aimi.


The Roadshow included the Get to Know ASEAN Briefing, presented by Special Duties Officer Level II, Head of International Affairs Unit, Department of Information, Awang Abdul Karim bin Hamdan.


In addition, a briefing on the Brunei Vision 2035 was also presented, in which the strategies designed to achieve the vision should be known by the students.


The briefing also aimed at raising students' awareness of regional development and to encourage them to work harder to advance their nation so that Brunei Vision 2035 can be realised.


At the roadshow, the students also had the opportunity to watch video clips on ASEAN followed with a quiz on ASEAN to test students' knowledge on ASEAN.


Such a roadshow, among others, is aimed at disseminating as well as making extensive exposure of ASEAN-based information on secondary school students in the country, as they are youths who will inherit the continuity of the nation, thereby play a key role in catalyzing this country's direction.


It is also hope to raise awareness and knowledge of school students on ASEAN, in addition to identifying the extent to which students are aware of ASEAN and the role of the organisation in developing member states.


With the briefing, it is also possible to instill awareness and a sense of belonging among school students, as an ASEAN community, in line with the ASEAN Moto: One Vision, One Identity, One Community.


The programme is one of the Department of Information's ongoing efforts in injecting the spirit of patriotism and the unity of ASEAN-ness among the students to equally reflect the function of ASEAN as well as to strengthen the relationship between the Department of Information and the community, especially the students in this country.

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