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ASEAN Youth Journalism Workshop participants visit Pelita Brunei Division and Photography Unit

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News and Photos: Wan Mohamad Sahran Wan Ahmadi
Translated by: Hj Mirazman Hj Othman / Cleared by: Saadiatul Nur Aqilah Hj Jaman
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Wednesday, September 18 - A delegation of 20 participants of the ASEAN Youth Journalism Workshop had the opportunity to visit and learn a little about the history and function of the Pelita Brunei Division and the Photography Unit that publishes the official government newspaper in the country, Pelita Brunei.
The study visit took a closer look at the strategies and procedures of the Pelita Brunei Division and the Photography Unit at the Department of Information.
The arrival of the delegation at Pelita Brunei Division was welcomed by Acting Senior Information Officer, Dayang Hajah Hamsah binti Datu Kerna Haji Jaya and several officials in the Division.
The delegation was briefed on the functions of Pelita Brunei, including news work, such as news coverage of the departure of royal families, both domestic and international, local news as well as delivering information, activities, government policies to the people and citizens of the country.
The workshop participants were also taken to the photography unit and were briefed on the unit by Assistant Photo Officer Grade I, Awang Haji Ariffin bin Mohd. Noor
Awang Haji Ariffin, who among others, explained the role and structure of the workflow for photographers including taking photographs, editing and captioning, the ‘Infofoto’gallery website and storage of coverage photos.
Towards ensuring that the Department of Information continues to be current and up to date, new media such as the Department of Information’s Mobile Application, 'InfoDeptBN' was established, in addition to new media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as the Pelita Brunei e-Paper to disseminate information more effectively and  to reach more users.
In addition, publications of the department are also uploaded to the website for the ease of the public to read and refer to. 
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