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Grasp the concept of MIB, the Syariah Code of Order

PSLI 3-2019 Hari Ketiga - Dalami konsep MIB, Perintah Kanun Syariah (01).JPG

PSLI 3-2019 Hari Ketiga - Dalami konsep MIB, Perintah Kanun Syariah (02).JPG

News and Photos : Aimi Sani
Translated by: Hjh Musmariani Hj Mohammad / Cleared by: Mufidah binti Abdul Hakim
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Tuesday, 1 October. – The Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) concept is a complete integration as a sprout to the integrity and continuity of the nation, the state, religion and reign of the monarchy.
Malay culture, the teachings of Islam and reign of the sovereign monarch has been practiced for generations since Awang Alak Betatar converted to Islam in 1368H.
This was stated by Pengiran Dr. Khairul Rijal bin Pengiran Hj Abdul Rahim, Assistant Professor, Brunei Academy of Studies (APB), University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD), while presenting a briefing on the Malay Islamic Monarchy at the Third Session for Year 2019 Civic Village Programme for Postgraduates, organised by the Department of Information at the Auditorium of the department.
According to Dr. Khairul Rijal, based on the Brunei Vision 2035, the Malay Islamic Monarchy is a mold that will shape and colour whatever progress and development that will be achieved, for the well-being and prosperity of the people for the continued success of the monarch in the country.
"The focus is given to the historical existence of the monarch, as was proclaimed by His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam on January 1, 1984, to forever remain as a Malay Islamic Monarchy country, sovereign and democratic according to the teachings of Islam in line with Sunnah Waljamaah, "he added.
He further explained that the purpose of the Malay Islamic Monarchy concept is to continue to foster, preserve and maintain the identity of the nation, religious belief and the monarch.
The programme was then continued with a briefing on the Syariah Criminal Code Order presented by Dayang Hajah Hidayati bin​ti Haji Abdul Hadi, the Acting Chief Syariah Prosecutor.     
Dayang Hajah Hidayati, among others highlighted the implementation phase of the Syariah Criminal Procedure Order; to whom the order is implemented, the introduction of offenses, types of punishments and general offenses.
A total of 36 graduates from local and overseas higher institutions participated in the programme which includes 5 male and 31 female participants.
The Civic Village Programme is a project that is carried out through the department's 'Strategic Communication' strategy in line with the department's vision, as one of the leading government agencies in delivering and disseminating official information.
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