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  • To publish the official newspaper of the Government of His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam titled 'Pelita Brunei' thrice a week (hardcopy) - every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; and to publish daily through its website
  • To promote and create awareness on information and policies about the government.
  • To provide news coverage ranging from royal to national and international events.
  • Advertise government tenders and projects including job vacancies in the civil service sector.

Pelita Brunei
Name Position Email Contact No.
Dy. Sastra Sarini binti Hj. Julaini Senior Information

2383400 ext​ ​ ​

Dy. Hajah Musmariani binti Hj. Mohamed


Dy. Hajah Nuramanina binti Hj. Hassan

​​​​​Advertising Desk​
Name Position Email Contact No.
Awg. Haji Ahmad bin Haji Salim Assistant Editors Grade


2383400 ext​ ​  

Awg. Wan Mohammad Sahran bin Wan Ahmadi Assistant Editors Grade
Dy. Siti Faizahanisah binti Awang Mahani Proofreader


​​​​​ ​ ​ ​Special Content Desk
Name Position Email Contact No.
Dy. Noriah binti Haji Abdul Hamid
Information ​​​​​​​




            ​2383400 ext​ ​              

Dayangku Hajah Fatimah binti Pg. Hj. Matnor Assistant Editors Grade
Dy. Hezlinawati binti Hj. Abdul Karim Assistant Editors Grade
Dy. Norliah binti Md. Zain Assistant Editors Grade
Awg. Abu Bakar bin Hj. Abd. RahmanAssistant Editors Grade II​
Dy. Noraisah binti Muhammed Assistant Editors Grade
Awangku Jefferi bin Pg. Durahman Assistant Editors Gadel
Dy. Haniza binti Abdul Latif Assistant Editor Grade
Dy. Nurul Hazwani binti Abu Omar


​​​​ ​ ​ ​Desk A ​
Name​ Position Email Contact No.

Dy. Hajah Zabaidah binti Hj. Salat

Information Officer






​             2383400 ext​ ​                ​

Awg. Muhammad Al Khaliq bin Ali

Graphic Designer Grade III

Dy. Siti Muslihat binti Hj. Salleh

Assistant Editor Grade II

Dk. Nur Ridzwana binti Pg. Abd. Aziz


Dy. Jurainah binti Haji Jahit/Jait

Photo Technician Grade II

Dy. Hajah Siti Zuraihah binti Awang Sulaiman


Dayangku Vivy Melisa binti Pg. Ibrahim


Dy. Rohani binti Awang Hj Abd. Hamid


Dy. Saerah binti Hj Abd. Ghani


Dy. Aimi binti Sani


Desk B ​ ​ ​
Name Position Email Contact No.
Awg. Mohammad Rainie bin Haji Durani Information ​​​​​​




2383400 ext​ ​            

Awangku Haji Waliyuddin bin Pg. Haji Ahmad Assistant Editor Grade
Awg. Abdul Hadi bin Hj. Suhaili Assistant Proofreader Officer Grade
Awg. Bolhassan bin Haji Abu Bakar Assistant Editor Grade
Awg. Mohammad bin Kahar Graphic Designer
Dy. Nornasyirah binti Nordin Photo Technician Grade II

Desk C ​ ​
Name Position Email Contact No.
Dk. Nasibah Hanim binti Pg. Hj. Bakar Information ​​​​​​​​





2383400 ext​ ​                ​

Awg. Samle bin Haji Jahit @Jait Assistant
Awg. Abdullah bin Asgar @Askar Assistant Editor Grade
Awg. Mohammad Ike Iqrami bin Hj. Suhaimi Graphic Designer
Awg. Mohammad Hatral Hazmi bin Awang Abdul Hamid Photo Technician Grade
Dayangku Siti Redzaimi binti Pg. Hj. Ahmad
Dy. Khartini binti Mohd. Hamir
Dy. Nooratini binti Hj. Abas
​Dy. Marlinawaty binti Hussin
​Ak. Syiaruddin bin Pg. Dauddin